3D Sticker

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Jeep Edifice

Nanjing 2014 Youngth Olympic


Shimao Seafood Restaurant Sea



Why choose 3D


Bring people to the scene of horror, magic, fairy tale. Amazing Photos can be taken as a moment.


Photos of sticker show a great 3D effect, and can be easily shared via Apps.


New and creative, easily catch one’s eyes.


How to order

Easy to get your customized 3D Sticker

Let us know your idea

● Send us the artwork, we will make it into 3D.
● Tell us your idea in details, we will draw a new one.

Let us know the place

Show us the photos of the place where the sticker will be applied with the path of passengers marked.

Draft for approval

The draft will be sent to customer for approval.


After get customer's confirmation, the 3D artwork is going to be finished and printed.


Send the photos of products to customer and then ship the goods.