3D Floor Advertising Project

Unexpected rent income. Long term business. Creative idea. What those titles refer to?

For Supermarket, Chain Store.

Supermarket rents the floor out for advertising. Advertising company gets more business and a creative idea. And we are a printing factory, the only one can design and produce 3D graphic in mass volume independently over the world. Combining those three parts together, that is the project.

3D Advertisement

Use the cellphone and App; share your creative photos with friends. You can't imagine! The ads can "play".

For Mall, Street, Square, Supermarket, etc.

We can’t deny the fact that each piece of land is worth a lot. The floor advertisement only can be seen years ago. But now with 3D effect, we can hardly take our eyes away from it. The horrified and breathtaking scene attracts your attention, even if it is shared on the internet by passengers. Not to be too moving. Thanks for 3D that bring us the inspiration. 3D pavement has become famous for a long time. In the near future we want to see the 3D AD occupy the street and website.

3D Exhibition

A ticket brings you to another world. The photo can tell you that it was not just a dream.

For Exhibition.

We usually visit the exhibition for new art and technology. It is a part of our lives just like the cinema. 3D Exhibition can show us a magic scene on various themes, with people interacting and showing their creativity. Besides, 3D Exhibition can be taken photos with a great effect. Collect the photos in your gallery, and share them with your friends. Your FB is different with others.

3D Decoration

3D magic. Turn the room into a theme park.

For Shop.

Imagine that your booth of product is out of fashion; your new shop is not fascinating. How do you catch people’s eyes? 3D Decoration is easily to install and turn your places into a theme park. Later you can see the image of your shop on twitter. People will say “yes, I know that place.”